Plastic Love (short film - 2012)

Next Time Do It Harder

Plastic Love is a very British short movie about strange fetishes, death, and relationships. When I say very British, I mean that barely no one else could produce such a controversial work that is both funny and disturbing. The first contact I had with this project was through the teaser video and I obviously thought of Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. But Plastic Love is not about non-consensual sex, it's about dealing with  fantasies and their consequences in a relationship. Even if it's consensual, it doesn't mean it's not dangerous. The 4 main characters are embracing their darkest desires and their performance is absorbing. The brilliant original score composed by Martin Dubka makes me feel like I am in a Refn movie in which the characters are clearly more uninhibited. Dubka is the new Cliff Martinez. I particularly enjoy the use of intense close-ups to help me connect with the characters deepest emotions and sensations. I also appreciate that no nudity is shown as it is not necessary to the plot. You will enter Jamie Hooper's mind with an undefinable slow-motion world of peculiarity. His film is an emotional and perceptual tale on modern love, death, and sexuality. 

1 reason to watch: unleash your urges

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