Wild Girl Waltz (2012)

Fear and Loathing in Western Mass

Writer and Director Mark Lewis takes us to the back roads of Western Massachusetts for this comedy with character. Lewis chooses to explore the friendship and dumb decisions of two best friends - Angie and Tara - who take drugs in order to escape their routinely boredom for a few hours. Dazed and Confused, the two compadres find a baby-sitter in Brian - Tara's boyfriend - who is stuck taking care of the girls until they come down from their high. To a background of country music, the movie makes us travel through rural New England with the three amigos. Wild Girl Waltz focuses on friendship and tiny bits of romance. I feel like the goofy comedy is just a cover to address real-life young adults' issues. Angie and Tara are stuck in their rural hometown. Out of college and money, they have nowhere to go so they decide to get wasted for a moment to mentally escape their reality. The two female leads are hilarious and naturally impersonate the wasted characters. The story flows around their offbeat personality. Wild Girl Waltz is shameless, sarcastic and is just the comedy that girls have been waiting for too long.

1 reason to watch: the catchy leading duo

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