Terry and Brenda (2014)

Love and Marriage

Jamie Hooper is coming back with a short film about what seems to be a tame middle-class couple at first. We soon discover that Terry and Brenda are kinky for better or worse. Hooper continues his work on fetishes and brings it to a new extreme. Debra Baker and Tim Blackwell are reunited as Terry and Brenda after both playing in Plastic Love and got more deranged characters to explore the second time around. The movie also stars the young Lucy Hutchinson as the daughter of the sordid couple. The best part about Jamie's movies is that he works with actors we can relate to. They're middle-aged and could be anyone's neighbors. When they do get creepy, this is what makes is so realistically scary. The intense rhythmic visuals that you could expect from Hooper and the performances are equally delightful. 

1 reason to watch: it's everything you could expect. And more.

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